Forge of Freedom:
The American Civil War

Game Reviews and Awards


The Wargamer
The Readers' Choice Awards - Game of the Year - Bronze


The Wargamer
The Readers' Choice Awards - Wargame - Bronze


Out of Eight PC Game Reviews- 7/8
"The combination of grand strategy and classic detailed tactical battles gives Forge of Freedom a leg up on most of the competition in terms of game features. Forge of Freedom is a highly enjoyable title that’s recommended to anyone who wants to take his or her shot at commanding the Civil War."

Bovine Conspiracy - 9/10
"Forge of Freedom is the best Civil War game I have ever played. It perfectly matches a strong strategic game with compelling tactical battles. It simultaneously gives the player depth and options to reduce that depth if desired. Mix in the strong AI and I may have my wargame GOTY."

Gamershall (german) - 8.4/10
Translated: "This game has kept me attached to my computer since Christmas. In contrast to its predecessors all the right improvements were put in place to improve the flow of the game and provide greater flexibility for the player. Also the historical accuracy and play depth are as remarkable as expected from Matrix Games!" ...

The Wargamer
"Forge of Freedom was unquestionably developed by people with a rare love for historical based wargaming. The folks at Western Civilization Software put forth extreme effort in researching 1860s economic, diplomatic, and military systems and transformed all that raw data into a venerable piece of gaming software....Forge of Freedom (like its predecessor Crown of Glory) potentially has the depth of the Mariana Trench."


Praise from the Gamers on the Matrix Forums

"I have to say this is more than a game only. I wrote my dissertation on the South in the Civil War but that's close to nothing what these people here in the forum and the project itself are giving me here. Even if it sounds slightly exaggerated. So if you are really interested in this era you must buy this game. If not you are going to be. And of course,as a game, the best I have ever played with ( I am a very fussy person about tactical games)." -- Adamcs

"...FoF will belong to the top elite of the strategy games for many years." -- AminMaalouf

"Thanks for a great game - I am blown away by both the breadth and depth of what you have created." -- Miserere

"Please accept my congratulations on a wonderful job. I think FOF is now one of the top wargames extant....I think FOF is among the best computer wargames ever made." -- Johnnie

"I play wargames more then twenty years, and FoF is one of the best games i have ever played! And with every update it will be better. I have a lot of fun with it, thank you !!!" -- desertstorm

"If you are an ACW buff, this is a must have game." -- Yogi the Great

"Forge of Freedom has some fantastic options and I think does a great job of intoducing the users to the varied levels. Start a basic game for a new guy, move onto the next level and the next until you have mastered it all. It's a great system." -- JudgeDredd

"This is currently the best Civil War game in the world. Seriously. Intense, nailbiting AI action." -- RB

"I would just like to say that I am very impressed with this game and the manual. I am still trying to learn it (that's a GREAT thing) and I am very excited to be able to play it well. This is the greatest War between the States game I have ever played. It's great how you listen to the forums, talk with us, and let us be a part of the game making process. Keep up the fantastic work." -- Odium

"Well worth it... the improvements from the latest patch clinched it as perhaps one of my favorite war games (turn based) of all time... It has a very good historical feel and for me it has just the right amount of detail at each level of play" -- Dude

" My latest game was so gripping that I had trouble sleeping last night. Had to get up and go play another few turns. Every time I thought I had the AI on the run, it came back at me another way. Pretty smart!" -- General Quarters

"Great to be able to settle into such a consumptive, deep civil war game. Both the product, and the day-in day-out consistent support and attentiveness to us the consumer, are without equal in this genre." -- Michaelincolorado

"As an old and grizzled wargamer, I'll go one further and state that FOF is one of the finest computer wargames extant, Civil War or other. It is a realistic simulation, addictive...more importantly, great fun. I am truly amazed at the general historical accuracy of game results." -- Johnnie